Take 30 Seconds to Help Protect Property Rights

Short-term vacation rentals in some Florida neighborhoods are out-of-control, and if Tallahassee has their way, HB 1537 will make it worse.

Instead of protecting property rights and homeowners—who expect to live around neighbors, not party-going vacationers — HB 1537 makes it harder for local leaders to hold nuisance short-term vacation rentals accountable and keep our neighborhoods — and their own guests — safe.

Lend your name to the following email to protect your neighborhood and property rights. Tell lawmakers to oppose this bad bill.

Protect Your Neighborhoods and Property Rights Now

Dear Representative,

Short-term rentals are out-of-control. Nuisance “hotel houses” have become commonplace. So have safety incidents at properties that seem to value profit over human life.

HB 1537 would make it worse, degrading neighborhoods, property rights, and threatening public safety.

Please vote NO on HB 1537.


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