Local Voices United is a grassroots network dedicated to supporting local self-government. Here’s why that’s important: Florida is a big, complex and diverse state. Each of its more than 400 communities is unique一so what’s best for Ft. Meade isn’t always best for Ft. Lauderdale, or vice versa. We believe Florida’s many towns and taxpayers deserve flexibility and accountability, not sledgehammer solutions.

From protecting the safety of our neighborhoods to preserving the unique interests of our communities, we are unified, organized and ready to advocate.

Our job is to carry local voices to the state capitol. To do it, we will give you high-impact ways to contact your lawmakers at the right time.

So sign-up, stay informed and be ready!

Guiding Principles

Local Works

We believe in an idea that is at the heart of American democracy: local self-government.

We're Respectful

We do not disparage lawmakers or speak disrespectfully toward anyone. Effective persuasion begins with civility and decency.

We're Here to Solve

Our goal is to provide solutions and work together. Taking a stand for your local community isn’t partisan.

We're Experienced

We show up with realistic expectations, knowing that we are in this for the long haul.