Local Voices Should Make Local Choices - not Tallahassee

When lawmakers hundreds of miles away overturn or block local decisions made a few miles away — that’s preemption. 

Tallahassee lawmakers' one-size-fits-all approach to short term rentals suggests all neighborhoods should play by one set of rules: Tallahassee’s rules.

Removing the preemptions in SB 280 will:

  • Protect Your Property Rights
  • Keep Neighborhoods Safe
  • Allow Local Voices to Make Local Choices

Tell lawmakers to STOP the “preemption parade” and REMOVE short term rental preemption language from the bill.

REMOVE local government preemptions from SB 280


Removing short term rental preemptions will protect Floridians’ property rights, keep neighborhoods safe, and allow local voices to make local choices.

REMOVE the preemption language in SB 280.


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