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This page is designed to be an “easy button” for city administrators to create, in 5-10 minutes, a sharp and professional looking Local Voices United advocacy page within their own city websites.

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Instructions for Web Devs:


Intro to LVU

Use this content to introduce visitors to your website to Local Voices United, with some basic information about what we do, and why it's important.

Local Voices United — From the Sidewalks to the State Capitol

Florida Focused, Non-Partisan — Local Voices United

Local Voices United — Local Voices, Local Choices

Local Voices United — Calling on Floridians to Stand for Local Decision Making

Local Voices United — Defending Floridians Constitutional Right to Make Decisions Locally

Local Decision Making is Often Better Decision Making — Local Voices United

About Local Voices United

Local Voices United is a grassroots advocacy network dedicated to supporting non-partisan, Florida-focused, and community based decision making. Our goal is to recruit and inspire Florida’s citizens to get educated and engaged on critical issues affecting their neighborhoods.

Here’s why that’s important:

  • Florida is a big, complex and diverse state.
  • Each of its 400+ cities, towns and villages are unique. So, what’s best for Bonifay isn’t always best for Boca Raton, or vice versa.
  • Towns and taxpayers deserve flexibility and accountability, not one-size-fits-all “solutions” from the State Capitol.

Local Voices United is unified, organized and ready to advocate.

Our job is to carry local voices to the state capitol. This website will give city leaders a high-impact way to connect local leaders with peers from around the Sunshine State to make a difference.



A Community Runs Best When…

Watch the Local Voices United Anthem video, then embed a link for residents to view it on your city’s website.

Video Embed Code

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Call To Action

Create a clear call to action with viewers by adding the following text to the bottom of your page. Don't forget to link the text to our Facebook and Instagram!

It’s Time to Take Action

Stay informed by liking Local Voices United on Facebook and Instagram today.

We’re building a non-partisan, Florida-focused grassroots community dedicated to elevating your voice in the State Capitol. Like Local Voices United on Facebook and Instagram to make sure your voice is heard.

Tell Legislators: We Back Local Voices Making Local Choices. Like Local Voices United on Facebook and Instagram.

Imagine if filling potholes required an act of Congress—it would be a disaster! That’s why Local Voices United supports local decision-making — local solutions for local problems… like potholes! Like us on Facebook and Instagram if you agree.

You know your neighborhood best. That’s why Local Voices United supports local voices making local choices. Like us on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about local decision-making in the Sunshine State.

It’s simple: Your community should be led by the people who live in it—not far-away politicians seated in distant capitals. Like Local Voices United on Facebook and Instagram if you agree!


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